EVENT 1THE TECH-SAFE HOME  workshop is a comprehensive Internet safety program for parents and other adults who work with children and youth.

The Workshop is offered in two parts: LEVEL I and LEVEL II.

 LEVEL I covers:

  • What dangers and hazards are coming into the home?
  • The risks from computers, tablets, smart phones, game systems, social media, & more!
  • How bad are the threats from pornography and predators?
  • Filters and other means to defend the home.
  • Setting boundaries and addressing problems.
  • Who to call for help, and other resources.

Home Shield 3LEVEL II adds:

  • Setting up the Tech-Safe Home™.
  • How pornography harms children (and adults).
  • How predators operate and what to teach your kids.
  • How to respond to potential problems...positively!
  • Tips and Tricks for the Tech-Safe Parent™.
  • More Resources...

LEVEL I is designed to serve as either a stand-alone program or as an introductory session with the more advanced topics of LEVEL II presented immediately afterward, or even on a later date. 

The workshop is suitable for many venues: Public schools, community programs, or church-sponsored events.  It can also be customized for particular audiences such as: Teachers, mental health professionals, clergy, civic leaders, and more.

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